Educational Resources

At Medical Interventions we take our patient’s education very seriously as we know that people value health highly. We believe that education empowers our patient in their quest for better health and better living. This is why, in an effort to keep our patients informed about prevention and wellness, we have compiled a selection of online resources* we feel will be beneficial:

Obesity and Nutrition

Disease Information (Learn about your condition)

Other Resources

Community Classes

*Please note that these are for educational purposes only.

By learning to understand and manage your disease, with the help of your healthcare provider, you will have a better chance to improve your health; thus, to leverage on your office visits and health plan resources. Having better health is likely to improve your life in many ways such as energy levels, physical mobility, balance, general mood and self- confidence. It can even have a positive effect on your economic impact since better health could mean less visits to the doctor, emergency/urgent care facility or even the hospital.

Remember, education leads to… Better Care, Better Health, Better Living!

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