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Weight Loss Program at Urban Health

The team of health care professionals at Urban Health, located in Clermont, Florida, wishes to welcome your family’s primary care clinic! We have proudly served as Clermont’s hometown doctor’s office for over 20 years.

We are a local, established, trusted health care provider in the community. As a complete primary care medical practice, under the direction of Dr. Jaime C. Gonzalez, the team is committed to providing patient-centered care.

We offer excellent medical care as well as superior customer service. We balance medicine, wellness, and technology to assist patients in attaining the healthiest life possible. At Urban Health, education, prevention, and wellness are key to better care, better health, and better living.

The Initial Consultation

The Urban Health care team understands the disease of obesity and can help you with a full medical weight management plan. The initial consult will focus on your medical evaluation.

We look for conditions that relate to obesity and the reasons that are associated with it. There will be a medical exam, along with your weight history. This weight history will include all your past diet attempts and will most likely involve some past history of your mental well-being.

Many patients have undiagnosed diabetes, high cholesterol, thyroid disorders, abnormal liver tests, and sleep apnea. More testing can be decided on, depending on your medical history and physical findings.

Physician management of obesity can include diet, exercise, and weight-loss medications. Diet and exercise are the first-line defense for a good weight loss program.

We do understand that most patients that are affected by obesity will struggle with this. But diet and exercise will be the starting point on your weight loss journey.

Get a snapshot of your health using state of the art technology. We are proud to offer in-house DEXA whole body composition scans. After your scan, book an appointment with our primary care dietitian for analysis of your results and risk assessment review. Then learn actionable steps that you can start using today to help you reduce these risks. All of this, right here in our office. No special trips, all close to home. Book your appointments today.

Diet and Physical Activity

Giving up the foods we like and are used to eating is hard to accept. We know that when you diet, the body will react and compensate for increasing your appetite and slowing down your metabolism.

As a result, the weight loss by diet by itself is around 5 percent of your total body weight. Physical activity is vital to include in any weight loss program. Physical activity will increase your metabolism and help improve your weight loss.

Physical activity is important to help maintain your weight loss in the long term. With smartphone apps and full-service fitness centers, you can make exercise a part of your daily routine.

Perhaps, you can start slowly by walking each day and use the Fit Bit App to help track your steps and heart rate.

Call our Clermont Office Today and Ask About our Weight Loss Program

When looking for an all-inclusive weight loss program designed with the individual patient in mind, the team at Urban Health is a complete primary care medical practice, committed to providing patient-centered care. Besides excellent medical care, we provide superior customer service, and we are here to serve our patients. Call us at (352) 394-5535.

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