Wendimere Reilly, RDN LDN

“Helping others live more vibrant lives through good nutrition and positive lifestyle habits.”

Wendimere Reilly, RDN LDN, is the Director of Clinical Nutrition and Wellness at Urban Health. In her role, she provides preventative nutritional counseling, medical nutritional therapy (MNT), and weight loss counseling. She also provides custom nutrition plans for those with chronic illnesses.

Medical Nutritional Therapy involves the evaluation of diet, exercise, and lifestyle patterns, analysis of lab results, and the design of a custom nutrition program based on using SMART goals. MNT is covered by Medicare and many commercial insurance companies based on medical necessity. Diabetes and Chronic Kidney Disease Stage III are the most common disease states that are covered.

Wendimere specializes in creating custom nutrition plans for those with autoimmune and gastrointestinal disorders.

Wendimere’s goal is to empower her patients to improve their nutritional intake, which will dramatically enhance their quality of life. Her passion for the field of nutrition began from her personal struggles with poor gastrointestinal health.

She is available for in-person and telehealth appointments. She accepts major insurances, including Cigna, Aetna, United Healthcare, Medicare, and self-pay.

Wendimere graduated with honors from Florida State University in 2016. She completed her internship at Wellness Workdays in Hingham, Massachusetts. Her internship included a rotation at the Goldring Center for Culinary Medicine in New Orleans. During this rotation dietetic interns, culinary students, and medical students all come together to work in a commercial kitchen with the goal of creating nutritious meals that taste amazing, are easy to prepare, and that don’t break the bank.

Wendimere considers herself a life-long learner. Dr. Gonzalez always gets a chuckle as she talks about being in school, again. She is currently working on her Master’s Degree in Nutrition through an online program at the University of North Florida.



Wendimere openly shares that she got started in nutrition after her own health deteriorated as a result of poor diet and lifestyle habits at a young age. After overcoming her own issues with being a “sugarholic, stress eater and fast-food junkie” she opened a natural health store in Clermont. That’s how she and Dr. Gonzalez first met. Over the years they became colleagues and friends.

Wendimere completed one of her dietetic internship rotations at Urban Health. Seeing patients at the office inspired her to figure out how a dietitian could be added to a medical practice.

After becoming a dietitian, Wendimere worked at Tallahassee Memorial Hospital on the Cardiovascular and Orthopedic floors. After a year, she returned home and took a position at Good Samaritan Long Term Care & Rehabilitation Center. Not long after she and Dr. Gonzalez reconnected and decided that it was time to create a plan to include a dietitian in a primary care setting.

A year later, even amidst this ever-changing health landscape, having an in-office dietitian continues to be well received by patients and the medical practitioners at Urban Health. Preventative health using good nutritional practices is a cornerstone of the philosophy of the office.  

Wendimere resides in the local area with her spouse. She loves to travel and enjoys any activities outdoors, such as stand-up paddleboarding, white-water rafting, and gardening.